coffee shop

It’s A Brew-tiful Day

When: Sunday, May 6, 9:30 – 10:30 am

Where: Begin at Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters, 100 Ahrens Street West, end at Show & Tell Coffee, 30 Ontario Street North

Walk Leader: Anna Beard

It’s a Brew-tiful Day: How Downtown Kitchener Turned Into a Coffee Lover’s Paradise

In the last few years, indie coffee shops have popped up all around Downtown Kitchener. These aren’t your mass marketed coffee shops. These places have instead become intimate spaces, designed for feet, not cars. They’re ready made for flirtatious conversations, collaboration and idea generation, and have become pillars of education and design. We’ll take a wander around the downtown core, visiting four stand out java huts, sharing stories of how they came to be and swapping our own tales of how coffee is so much more than a drink.

Extra Info

  • Accessibility: City sidewalks with some uneven terrain
  • Family friendly: yes
  • Bicycle friendly: yes
  • Walk distance: 1.4 km from start to finish
  • Stops:
    • Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters
    • Settlement Co. DTK
    • Matter of Taste Coffee
    • Show & Tell Coffee
  • Parking: If you’re travelling to the walk via car, parking is available at Kitchener City Hall or the municipal lot at Duke/Ontario, conveniently across the street from Show & Tell. There is limited parking available at the Via Rail station
  • Transit: Taking Grand River Transit 7A, 7B, 7F, 200 iXpress or 204 iXpress will get you close to our starting location.

(Photo by Anna Beard)


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