School Days in Lakeshore

When: Sunday, May 6, 1-3 pm

Where: Begin at N.A. MacEachern (580 Rolling Hills Dr), end at Sir Edgar Bauer (660 Glen Forrest Blvd)

Walk Leaders: Jane Mitchell (Regional Councillor) and Angela Vieth (Waterloo Councillor)

Three suburban schools and an old country schoolhouse are highlighted. N.A. MacEachern, Cedarbrae and Sir Edgar Bauer have taught generations of students in a walkable suburb that includes churches, forest and stores. The Bearinger schoolhouse is now gone from farm kids to a bombing, it has a fascinating story.



1 thought on “School Days in Lakeshore”

  1. If you went to any of these schools and have some stories to tell, please join us. My 4 kids went to SEB and were there during the fundraising days for an addition to the school. There were so many portables back then!


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