Walking the Ideas of Robert Sawyer

When: Saturday, May 5, 10-11:30 am

Where: Begin and end at Waterloo Park parking lot (near Lion’s Lagoon)

Walk Leader: Bruce Johnstone

This is the first year for a walk which will reference and explore the ideas of science fiction writer, Robert J Sawyer. Rob sets his award-winning trilogy, Wake/ Watch/ Wonder in Waterloo referencing the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Another award-winning trilogy, The Neanderthal Parallax, explores parallel universes and starts in an old mine in Sudbury, a good reason to explore two hidden treasures in Waterloo, the Earth Sciences Museum and Peter Russell Rock Garden at UW.

Our walking route will start in Waterloo Park at the parking lot where we can view the Perimeter Institute and then through the park to UW’s Earth Sciences Museum (about 20- 30 minutes). We’ll explore the indoor museum’s artifacts, then exit through a model of a Cobalt mine shaft and visit the outdoor Peter Russell Rock Garden where you can touch a four billion year old rock.

We’ll have readings from Rob’s books and his ideas will be presented for discussion or reflection as we walk. In addition, notes of Waterloo literary interest will pop up along the way.

The pathway through Waterloo Park is rough and dirty right now in some spots due to construction so please wear appropriate footwear. The Earth Sciences Museum has washrooms. The Student Life Centre at UW has a Tim Horton and is close to the Rock Garden.


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