Courthouses: Past & Present

When: Sunday, May 5, 1:30-4 p.m.

Where: Begin at 200 Frederick Street (corner of Frederick and Lancaster), end at 85 Frederick Street (corner of Frederick and Duke)

Walk Leader: Trent Bauman

Join Urban Sketcher Trent Bauman on an urban sketch walk. This walk will be much more sitting and sketching than walking.

We will start by observing and sketching the subtle beauty of John Lingwood’s brutalist courthouse building. At first it may look like a solid lump of concrete but observe it for a while and you will start to see the variations of colour and texture. We will then move on to 20 Weber Street with its precast concrete facade and arched concrete entry cover. Finishing at the new courthouse at the corner of Frederick and Duke St. East.

Bring your own paper, drawing and/or painting instruments, maybe a stool to sit on and an umbrella for rain or sun.

No drawing experience needed just a willingness to observe and sketch the environment right before your eyes.

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