When: Sunday, May 5, 1-2 p.m.

Where: Begin at University of Waterloo’s South Campus Hall atrium, end at Waterloo Public Square

Walk Leader: Hanna Negami and Stephen Trothen

This Jane’s Walk will attempt to explore transitory spaces most often unseen (either hidden or ignored) on a walk from UW campus to Uptown Waterloo.

Using Marc Auge’s notion of the “non-place” — liminal spaces that are anonymous in their ubiquity —  this walk with attempt to draw attention to the tunnels, paths, and areas that serve to move us from one place to another in and around the city.

The intention of the walk will be to consider the variety of “places” and “non-places” that constitute city living, and ask the question “What makes a place a place?” as well as “How does the intersection of place and non-place contribute to the lived experience of navigating Waterloo?”

This Jane’s Walk will include a few curbs without curb cuts and some unpaved terrain. The walk also involves one set of stairs to access one of our stops.

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