Claudette’s Wonderful World of the KW Library Of Things

When: Saturday, May 4, 10-10:30 a.m.

Where: Begin at and end at KW Library of Things (91 Moore Ave, Kitchener)

Walk Leader: Claudette Meyer

Claudette started volunteering with KW Library of Things (KWLOT) from its opening in February 2018. Now in a paid position as Librarian (thanks to an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant), Claudette is excited to share her experience and insights. “Who says tools have to be boring, when they can be fun?”, says Claudette, who will guide you on a short and accessible walk of the area around KWLOT, talking about what the Library is and what it means in her life. Some fun surprises along the way, and light refreshments right after the tour.

Be sure to also check out another walk, the Wee Little Wander for Well-being, featuring Little Libraries in the same neighbourhood immediately following this walk.

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