Paulander Walk and Talk

When: Saturday, May 4, 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Where: Begin and end at the Paulander Community Centre (60 Paulander Drive, Unit # 1)

Walk Leader: Shanti Persaud

Paulander Drive consists of over 580 households including privately owned homes, rentals at market value and subsidized housing by the Region of Waterloo. The first homes on this street were built between 1972-1973. A walk along this street will reveal a very diverse population including families with young children, seniors living independently, immigrants, refugees and multiple-generation Canadians.

Creating a safe, peaceful and welcoming place to live was of high importance to the neighbours on Paulander Drive who came together and strategized hopeful plans to create a positive and lasting change in their community. These hopeful plans combined with hard-work and dedication from the residents has come to fruition as a diverse group of people with varied cultures and backgrounds have come together to plan, lead and participate in community initiatives within the Paulander neighbourhood where all are welcome.

Join us as the neighbours share their experiences living on Paulander Drive and what “community” means to them as they explore the various neighbour-led traditions, events and programs that have brought the community together including monthly potlucks, community barbecues, food distribution and classes at the Paulander Community Centre.

Our walk will start and end at the Paulander Community Centre.

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