A Walk on the Wild Side

When: Cancelled

Where: Begin at Waterloo Park (upper parking lot off of Westmount), end at Laurel Creek

Walk Leader: Zach Summerhayes

This walk will take us off the beaten path into some of the wilder parts of Waterloo Park. Here on the far western side of the park, we will meander along the banks of Laurel Creek. Listen for the shallow rapids, watch as a lone duck surfs bye, narrowly squeezing beneath a newly fallen Maple…

Let us take a moment to let her majesty of Spring enliven our senses, calm ours minds, and enchant our hearts. Where is nature’s bench? Bridge? Hiding spot? Or once the canopy gives cover, where is our refreshing refuge from the coming summer heat?

Please take time on this walk to make it your own 🙂 Stop, listen, breath, and play, as you feel called!

We may also engage briefly in critical reflection using our observations of how we see humanity inter-acting with this space. Are these local stories reflected more globally?

Finally, what do we want this space to become? I would love, if together, we can re-imagine possibilities for what this space could be!

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