A Walk Up King Street

When: Saturday, May 4,  3-3:45 p.m.

Where: Begin outside/in front of the Gold Crown Brewery, end at The Marq (173 King Street North)

Walk Leader: Mélika Hashemi

While ‘what if’ questions evoke in us an anxiety regarding the uncertainty of the future, they simultaneously open up discourse surrounding possibility. ‘How’ questions demand for us to inquire beyond ‘what’ and ‘why’ and transition into the realm of action.

“A Walk Up King Street” is a performative walk using otherwise neglected objects in Uptown Waterloo as metaphors to pose a set of ‘how’ and ‘what if’ questions in a storytelling method. Participants are invited to open up mental and emotional space within themselves to see the mundane anew and engage with what is otherwise easily neglected on a daily basis. Through performance and participation, this project becomes a site where negotiations take place for re-imaginations within the Region to continue to unfold.

Each participant will receive a booklet containing the set of questions written and selected by the walk leader for the walk.

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