Envisioning the Future of Sugarbush North

When: Sunday, May 5, 3-4:30 p.m.

Where: Begin at the entrance to Sugarbush Park on Blythwood, end at the corner of Greebrier and Longwood Drive

Walk Leader: Alisa McClurg

All places, wherever they are, evolve over time. While some places may blossom, others fall into decay. Sugarbush North neighbourhood is arguably unique compared to much of today’s development with its relatively large lot sizes nestled beside the spacious 23-acre Sugarbush Park. Let’s gather to look at this area with new eyes and envision together what we would like to see for it in the future.

Some questions we might ask are, what beauty does this area possess that we’d like to see protected? What speaks to our hearts and minds about what we love and want to nurture? What stresses is this area experiencing and how can we work together lessen their impact? And what changes might we like to see happen here that is now nearly half a century old?

Feel free to bring paper, camera and other ways of recording your ideas! With your permission, we will capture your observations and share them with the City and Region as well as on the neighbourhood’s newly forming website. In the spirit of Jane Jacobs who inspired these walks, let’s strive to be citizen planners with our “eyes on the street”, believing in our ability to have important insights into how to effectively carry out urban planning.

Parking is available on Blythwood, Greenbrier and Longwood. The neighbourhood is also accessible by the #9 bus.

The walk will go on, rain or shine.

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