Historic Galt

Growing Up in West Galt (Part 4: High School, Train Tracks and Beyond)

When: Saturday, May 5, 1:00 – 2:30pm

Where: Begin at the main entrance of Galt Collegiate Institute

Walk Leader: Jim Griffin

Walk begins at the main entrance of the historic Galt Collegiate Institute and navigates across the road to the Canadian Pacific Railway Station where Jim will share significant stories of the past. This walk is hosted in partnership with the Blair Road Neighbourhood Association and Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region.

For safety reasons, no pets allowed.


Public Art in downtown Kitchener

When: Saturday, May 4, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Where: Begin at Victoria Park Clocktower (artwork: The Luggage Project by Ernest Daetwyler), end at Charles & Benton Parking Garage (artwork: Pedestrian by Ted Fullerton)

Walk Leader: Michelle Purchase

Let’s take a walk and talk about the obvious art, the subtle art, the hidden art, the guerrilla art, and even some soon to be art, all around Downtown Kitchener. We will share information about the artworks, the artists, and their inspirations. We will talk about the history of the artworks, where they come from, and how they fit in with our local history and our community.

CANCELLED: Culture and Creativity in the City

When: Cancelled

Where: Begin at Chamber Music Society (57 Young St W), end at the Original Princess Cinema

Walk Leader: Diego Almaraz

Where is culture in Uptown?

What does culture mean in a rapidly growing Uptown?

Culture in Uptown is expressed in many different ways and it can be found where you least expect it. We will walk through various places and spaces where culture and creativity are waiting to be discovered: from galleries to alleyways, coffee shops to theatres. Join us in exploring and discussing the role of culture in Uptown.

In the event of rain, this walk will be cancelled.

Envisioning the Future of Sugarbush North

When: Sunday, May 5, 3-4:30 p.m.

Where: Begin at the entrance to Sugarbush Park on Blythwood, end at the corner of Greebrier and Longwood Drive

Walk Leader: Alisa McClurg

All places, wherever they are, evolve over time. While some places may blossom, others fall into decay. Sugarbush North neighbourhood is arguably unique compared to much of today’s development with its relatively large lot sizes nestled beside the spacious 23-acre Sugarbush Park. Let’s gather to look at this area with new eyes and envision together what we would like to see for it in the future.

Some questions we might ask are, what beauty does this area possess that we’d like to see protected? What speaks to our hearts and minds about what we love and want to nurture? What stresses is this area experiencing and how can we work together lessen their impact? And what changes might we like to see happen here that is now nearly half a century old?

Feel free to bring paper, camera and other ways of recording your ideas! With your permission, we will capture your observations and share them with the City and Region as well as on the neighbourhood’s newly forming website. In the spirit of Jane Jacobs who inspired these walks, let’s strive to be citizen planners with our “eyes on the street”, believing in our ability to have important insights into how to effectively carry out urban planning.

Parking is available on Blythwood, Greenbrier and Longwood. The neighbourhood is also accessible by the #9 bus.

The walk will go on, rain or shine.

Laneways of Olde Berlin Town

When: Sunday, May 5,  2-3:30 p.m.

Where: Begin at the corner of College St and Ahrens St W, end at Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. (319 Victoria St N)

Walk Leader: Olde Berlin Town Neighbourhood Association members

Take a leisurely stroll down the iconic laneways of the Olde Berlin Town neighbourhood, a Heritage Conservation District. Explore the history of the laneways while getting a peek at the backyards and fences of some notable homes. Who traversed these narrow paths over the years? Imagine the conversations that successive residents might have shared over more than a century. What would they be talking about in 1890 or 1916 or 1970 or even 2019?

A Walk Up King Street

When: Saturday, May 4,  3-3:45 p.m.

Where: Begin outside/in front of the Gold Crown Brewery, end at The Marq (173 King Street North)

Walk Leader: Mélika Hashemi

While ‘what if’ questions evoke in us an anxiety regarding the uncertainty of the future, they simultaneously open up discourse surrounding possibility. ‘How’ questions demand for us to inquire beyond ‘what’ and ‘why’ and transition into the realm of action.

“A Walk Up King Street” is a performative walk using otherwise neglected objects in Uptown Waterloo as metaphors to pose a set of ‘how’ and ‘what if’ questions in a storytelling method. Participants are invited to open up mental and emotional space within themselves to see the mundane anew and engage with what is otherwise easily neglected on a daily basis. Through performance and participation, this project becomes a site where negotiations take place for re-imaginations within the Region to continue to unfold.

Each participant will receive a booklet containing the set of questions written and selected by the walk leader for the walk.

A Walk on the Wild Side

When: Cancelled

Where: Begin at Waterloo Park (upper parking lot off of Westmount), end at Laurel Creek

Walk Leader: Zach Summerhayes

This walk will take us off the beaten path into some of the wilder parts of Waterloo Park. Here on the far western side of the park, we will meander along the banks of Laurel Creek. Listen for the shallow rapids, watch as a lone duck surfs bye, narrowly squeezing beneath a newly fallen Maple…

Let us take a moment to let her majesty of Spring enliven our senses, calm ours minds, and enchant our hearts. Where is nature’s bench? Bridge? Hiding spot? Or once the canopy gives cover, where is our refreshing refuge from the coming summer heat?

Please take time on this walk to make it your own 🙂 Stop, listen, breath, and play, as you feel called!

We may also engage briefly in critical reflection using our observations of how we see humanity inter-acting with this space. Are these local stories reflected more globally?

Finally, what do we want this space to become? I would love, if together, we can re-imagine possibilities for what this space could be!

Paulander Walk and Talk

When: Saturday, May 4, 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Where: Begin and end at the Paulander Community Centre (60 Paulander Drive, Unit # 1)

Walk Leader: Shanti Persaud

Paulander Drive consists of over 580 households including privately owned homes, rentals at market value and subsidized housing by the Region of Waterloo. The first homes on this street were built between 1972-1973. A walk along this street will reveal a very diverse population including families with young children, seniors living independently, immigrants, refugees and multiple-generation Canadians.

Creating a safe, peaceful and welcoming place to live was of high importance to the neighbours on Paulander Drive who came together and strategized hopeful plans to create a positive and lasting change in their community. These hopeful plans combined with hard-work and dedication from the residents has come to fruition as a diverse group of people with varied cultures and backgrounds have come together to plan, lead and participate in community initiatives within the Paulander neighbourhood where all are welcome.

Join us as the neighbours share their experiences living on Paulander Drive and what “community” means to them as they explore the various neighbour-led traditions, events and programs that have brought the community together including monthly potlucks, community barbecues, food distribution and classes at the Paulander Community Centre.

Our walk will start and end at the Paulander Community Centre.